Daily Quests - Coins, Awakening Stones, Power of Change, Number Box

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Daily Quests - Coins, Awakening Stones, Power of Change, Number Box

Post by KenjiKamiya on Thu Aug 13, 2015 1:27 pm

A. Grocery Merchant Min
1. I will let you know

B. Armor Merchant Schurana
2. Armor Materials

C. Weapon Merchant Laschen
3. Weapon Collector

D. Agent Cay
4. Howling
5. Enter The Crystal Valley

E. Red-Haired Girl Luci
6. Fenrir’s Cub Book

F. Archaeologist Bob
7. Without A Trace

G. Merchant Seisia
8. Bizarre Collector 1
9. Bizarre Collector 2

H. Adventurer Laugle
10. The Beautiful Desert

I. Elite Hunter Gale
11. Mission Letter

J. Elite Hunter Johns
12. Expansion Of The Ramp
13. Important Letter

K. Security Guard Benny
14. Stop The Expansion

L. Vanguard Captain Miele
15. Save Those Souls

M. Herbalist Byron
16. Valuable Herbs
17. Healing Leaves
18. Fairy Dust

N. Chief Explorer Kane
19. Consolation Of The Dead

O. Medic Ruelley
20. Wrap Up Warm
21. Frostbite Medicine

P. Snowfield Explorer Kinzique
22. Escort The Wagon
23. Stolen Supplies
24. Expedition Counterattack

Q. Soldier Lasca
25. Mask Of Yeti

R. Soldier Benen
26. Soldier Or Miser?
27. Got Sole?

S. Monster Researcher Shika
28. Horned Beast
29. News Of The Unicorn

Epic 9.2

T. Sweetheart Kayle
30. Engagement Ring

U. Bodyguard Papuga
31. Fragrant medicine!?

V. Explorer Molly
32. Support for exploration

W. Quest Broker Rohas
33. Being smart medicine

X. Unknown Pierrot
34. Let's test your luck!

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