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Post by KenjiKamiya on Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:18 am

Rules are always needed to keep some sort of order in the guild and these are as follows:

1. Any sort of racism won't be tolerated. Everyone is free to express anything as long as it doesn't insult a guild member. Respecting the race, religion, ideas, culture and political views of the members is a must. The only exception to this rule is if a member personally knows for a fact that the other member/s are taking the topic in a jokingly manner.

2. PKing players that are using Stamina Saver, Animal Cracker, Growth Potions or Grace is forbidden unless the target player is on the Guild KoS list. We are not responsible for past personal grudges and don't have the obligation to help on the matter.

3. Scamming is not allowed. Begging constantly for free items, pets or money is prohibited. If a member feel likes giving away free items, then it is up to them. Members should not feel obliged or under pressure to lend or give away any kind of item.

4. And last but not least; never impersonate guild members using alt characters or tags on guild chat, specially high ranked officials since this could lead to misinformation that could cause problems in the future.
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